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    RCMP Air Services Branch (ASB) Inventory and Maintenance Management Project

    Since 2005, CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. has been working with the RCMP ASB and TEAM personnel to replace the Aircraft Maintenance Control System (AMCS) with an Aircraft Maintenance Management System (MMS) based on the SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) module. This project which is currently in the trial phase has been designed and "user simplified" to link seamlessly with the SAP inventory management system to capture maintenance actions through life cycle activities of refurbishment, procurement and disposal. Key to the MMS is a central Master Technical Library, which will be established on a separate server to contain the technical manuals, airworthiness directives and aircraft maintenance activities to reduce workload of AMEs in Air Sections, improve quality of aircraft records, manage varying aircraft maintenance schedules, provide for central oversight of aircraft maintenance activities and ensure internal controls are in place in accordance with Airworthiness Regulations.

    Alberta First Responders Radio Communication System

    CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. provided direct support to Raytheon Canada Support Services for the preparation of a response to an Alberta Government Pre-Qualification Request (PQR) for the design, construction, implementation and maintenance of a province-wide public safety and emergency management radio system. CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. personnel were fully integrated with the PQR team members, taking the lead in requirements management and proposal writing.

    Canadian Forces Coalition Virtual Flag Crew Station

    Mr. Keith Hunt, with Spectre Aerospace Consulting Inc. (an associate of CIRRUS Research Associates Inc.), was the subject matter expert for the Carleton University Advanced Cognitive Engineering (ACE) Lab integration of CF-18 combat systems into the Canadian Forces Air Warfare Centre Ottawa crew stations. Mr. Hunt provided technical advice, interpretation of design specifications for sensor and weapons systems, and tactical human factors engineering inputs. This contribution enabled the ACE Lab to deliver a high fidelity emulation of a combat crew station for a milestone employment of a Canadian military synthetic environment.

    Operational Training Systems Provider Project (OTSP)

    The Government of Canada selected CAE as the prime contractor to provide comprehensive aircrew training services for Canada's CC-130J and CH-47F fleets, and potentially other aircraft platforms in the future. With an extensive background in the design, requirements management, acceptance and implementation of synthetic training systems from both a customer and provider perspective, CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. is under contract to support the CAE Training Manager in all aspects of user-device interface and government acceptance.

    Economic Impact Study (EIS) - International instrumented air-to-ground/air-to-air range - Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean

    In 2010, CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. was selected by Promotion Saguenay to conduct an economic impact study (EIS) concerning the potential benefits of the implementation of an international instrumented air-to-ground/air-to-air range in the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean area. The study was completed on-time and under budget and presented to all levels of municipal, provincial, and federal governments, with the vast majority of recommendations endorsed.

    Green Aviation Initiatives

    Since 2009, CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. has actively promoted environmentally friendly aviation-related technologies to various levels of governments and pertinent industrial stakeholders. Examples of these include the introduction of an hybrid aircraft concept in the development and exploitation of Arctic-based natural resources and supporting bio-fuel promoters in their quest to make this type a complement and/or an alternate to current aviation jet fuel.

    Exoskeleton technologies

    In 2009, B-TEMIA, a private company targeting the fast-growing market of advanced mobility devices for military and civilian applications such as firefighters / first responders, police forces and others, retained the services of CIRRUS Research Associates Inc., as Special Advisors in Defence and Security Affairs. CIRRUS Research Associates Inc., promoted B-TEMIA's Knee Stress Reducer Device (KSRD), a gait enhancement for soldiers in operation and others where the users could benefit from enhanced mobility and where added weight must be handled.

    2010 Olympic Winter Games Security Study

    In the advent of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. was contracted by the RCMP to conduct a study to assess their capability and preparedness to effectively command and control all aspects of security, crisis management and emergency response for the games. Tasks included: stakeholders' meetings within the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit (V2010ISU); the conduct of a needs analysis to include protective technical infrastructure, informatics, equipment and supplies; and, under the technical authority's guidance, the development of a procurement strategy based on the report's findings. The final report and procurement strategy was presented to the RCMP's Assistant/Commissioner for Protective Policing.

    International Representation Spain and Europe

    CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. has for many years been sub-contracted by Canadian and International companies to carry out business representation in Spain and throughout continental Europe. Through our network of European and international military contacts, our strategic partnerships with other consulting firms on site, and the working knowledge of international business agencies such as Export Development Canada (EDC) and the Canadian Commercial Cooperation (CCC), we continue to be involved in introducing and facilitating business opportunities for our clients to various members of the Spanish Ministry of Defense (MOD) and other potential European customers. Most recently, CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. facilitated, from first contact to contract award, a multi-million dollar manufacturing and training contract for a Canadian client with the Spanish Navy.
    Our services have been secured to continue and liaise between this Canadian client and the Spanish Navy for the foreseeable future.

    Conference Coordination and Support Services for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Committee of the Chiefs of Military Medical Services Annual Meeting (COMEDS 07), Halifax, Nova Scotia

    CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. was contracted by DND, as the host of the conference, to ensure availability of facilities, accommodations, food services, audio-visual support, simultaneous translation and conference security for approximately one hundred and twenty (120) national and international delegates. Through close dialogue with the National Defence Medical Centre (NDMC) staff in Ottawa and our Halifax-based partners, CIRRUS was able to seek out the best price for the various requirements of the conference and provide the on-site coordination to blend those services into what was a highly praised turn-key event for DND.

    Long Range Operational Airlift Capability (LROAC) Study

    CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. was contracted by a major Canadian air service to investigate the operational requirement for a long-range aircraft within their fleet to meet their customer's varied needs for range, payload and speed. The study followed a deliberate methodology to, first, link internal and external operational requirements to measurable aircraft performance specifications and then, using rough-order-of-magnitude (ROM) costs, delineate a list of suitable new and/or used aircraft for further consideration. Follow-on work will involve a full options analysis and business case to determine full program costs for strategic planning and budget approval.

    Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats (SWOT) Analysis, Options Analysis and Business Case Report for the Learning and Performance (L&P) Division at the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA)

    This project consisted of three (3) separate reports with the goal of presenting a business case for use by the L&P Division in determining a way ahead for screening officer training within CATSA. CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. conducted and presented the results of SWOT analyses performed within the L&P Division and surveys and interviews with selected senior managers and contractors of CATSA. The resulting information pointed to a number of short-term and longer-term strategies to leverage organizational strengths in the area of selection, certification and retention of airport screening staff. Options were developed and indicative business case costs were identified in key areas of training to operationally link with threat-based imperatives and the strategic guidance and direction of the CATSA Five-Year Review.

    CF-18 Advanced Distributed Combat Training System (ADCTS) Operational and Training Requirements Project Support Specialist (OTR-PSS)

    CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. completed a contract with the Government of Canada to provide project specific recommendations to the ADCTS technical authority (TA) regarding all contract requirements affecting the quality of CF-18 combat training to be delivered by the ADCTS physical devices and the long term Contracted Training Simulation Services (CTSS) to be provided by the ADCTS project Contractor team. As a fully participating member of the Canadian government team, CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. provides strong, advisory presence on a number of Working Groups (WG), Integrated Product Teams (IPT), and Project Teams (PT). This contract was ratified in 2005 and completed on time and under budget in 2010.

    Contemporary Air Power, Aviation History, Air Force Doctrinal Development and Air Force Leadership Analysis Specialist

    In 2004, the Directorate of Air Strategic Plans (D Air SP) required the services of a specialist in air power, aviation history, air force doctrinal development, and air force leadership to support the D Air SP on an as needed basis. CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. has supported D Air SP for the past year in the following manner:
    1. provided professional opinion on matters of contemporary air power, aviation history, air force doctrinal development, and air force leadership;
    2. reviewed and provided comment on documents and draft papers;
    3. undertook research and analysis, and submitted resultant written reports;
    4. attended meetings at National Defence Headquarters (NDHQ), and most notably was an integral member of the air doctrine writing board; and
    5. liaised with agencies outside of D Air SP.
    This standing offer contract ended in March 2006.

    CT-155 Hawk Synthetic Integrated Situation Awareness Display (SISAD) Project

    CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. was contracted by the Director Air Contracted Force Generation (D Air CFG) to assist in the necessary research, analysis, preparation, inputting, and editing of the CT-155 Hawk SISAD project related information into the DND capability investment database (CID). In accordance with the Defence Management System (DMS) guidelines, the work included description of project options, schedule, cost and cash flow estimates, resource requirements, and a project management framework. In less than two (2) months, the CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. team produced the keystone documents - a Synopsis Sheet (Identification) (SS(ID)), Project Charter (PC), and preliminary Statement of Requirement (SOR) - of a quality suitable for senior level decision and project development.

    Tactical COA Development and Recognized Air Picture (RAP) Generation

    The purpose of the Course of Action (COA) and Recognized Air Picture (RAP) research project was to advance development of decision support computer-based tools to assist operational level commanders throughout the development and execution phases of a COA. As a follow-on to the operational level COA study, CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. along with Top Aces Consulting were contracted again by Defence Research & Development Canada (DRDC) Valcartier for a six (6) part multi-faceted project that analyzed eight (8) existing Department of National Defence (DND) scenarios for richness and complexity; detailed the characteristics of and evaluated an ontological model of the COA process; developed tactical COA for a combat search and rescue (CSAR) mission; evaluated those COA in a tabular format; and finally developed vignettes for the CSAR scenario in order to investigate the RAP compilation and exploitation processes.

    Operational Courses of Action (COA) Decision Support Tools Study

    In a dynamic, complex and uncertain environment such as command and control (C2), the Canadian Forces (CF) operational planning process (CFOPP) is, most of the time, performed under high time pressure and stressful conditions; thus, degrading the human capacity of reasoning and judgment. As such, DRDC - Valcartier requested air force (AF) operational level expertise to assist in developing decision support tools using artificial intelligence modeling which could augment the life cycle of the COA formulation process. CIRRUS Research Associates Inc., as part of a Top Aces Consulting and Human Systems Inc. team, provided Commander and A3 level expertise to articulate - the constraints and rules related to AF assets and capabilities, the different aspects considered during COA development and the knowledge needed to effectively decide between COA in representative AF scenarios.

    Airspace De-confliction Study

    CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. leveraged the extensive Air Traffic Control (ATC) experience of its team members to join efforts with the Université Laval in exploring the potential of developing decision aid tools to support airspace de-confliction processes. The study entailed evaluating the degree and functionality of automated systems currently in use and under development in ATC modernization projects, namely the Military and Civilian Air Traffic Systems (MATS) and (CATS). Presented to the Director of Air Requirements (DAR) in June 2005, the study clearly identified the ATC system deficiencies and outlined potential improvements focused on optimizing the use of airspace in Canada.

    Cold Lake Air Weapons Range (CLAWR) and the Primrose Lake Evaluation Range (PLER) Management, Use and Development Study

    The overall objective of the proposed study was to produce for the Department of National Defence a document that clearly articulated the current and future (out to 2017) management, use and development of the CLAWR and PLER as a prime training and test establishment for defence forces. At the end of this 10-month project, CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. delivered a 237-page final report that defined the requirements for the long-term used of the CLAWR/ PLER as a prime training and flight test areas, assessed the non-military interests related to the CLAWR/ PLER, and identified the requirements for improving the use of both ranges for DND to 2017. As such, detailed accounting was made of advancements in CF-18 weapons such as Short-Range-Air-to-Air Missile (SRAAM), Advanced Medium-Range-Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM), Advanced Multi-mission Infra-Red System (AMIRS) and Advanced Precision Guided Munitions (PGM), advancements in training aid technology such as Surface Threat Electronic Warfare (STEW), Air Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation (ACMI), and Advanced Distributed Combat Training System (ADCTS) and advancements in flight test technologies such as Time, Space and Positioning Instrumentation (TSPI). As well, the report presented to the Wing Commander, 4 Wing Cold Lake, provided recommendations on balancing the pressures on and the future use of the CLAWR with specific emphasis on the effective management of environmental, aboriginal and industrial co-use.

    Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile (SRAAM) Project

    CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. was under contract with Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, Arizona to provide support to their efforts in securing the SRAAM contract with DND. Subject matter expertise (SME) advice and technical support was provided in capture plan development, liaison with DND and other government agencies, strategic marketing planning, assessment of system requirements and proposal development, publication and responses.

    Contracted Airborne Training Services (CATS)

    CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. was under contract with Raytheon Service Support division - Calgary, Alberta to provide SME strategic, technical and project management advice for the pursuit and capture of this 10-year contract worth $450M+ to provide combat support aircraft, electronic warfare equipment and turn-key in service support (ISS) to DND. CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. led the technical proposal team in developing a cost-effective operational concept, confirming organizational feasibility and mitigating corporate and customer risk to ensure compliance in the provision of safe and effective combat support services. This included authoring and/or overseeing the production of two (2) technical volumes and one (1) management volume prepared along strict tabular format (TF!) proposal guidelines.

    Snowbird Aircraft Replacement Project (SARP) Statement of Requirement (SOR)

    Since the creation of the Snowbirds in 1970 from CF training assets in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, there had never been produced an SOR clearly delineating the need for an air demonstration capability in the CF and the requirements of the aircraft that conducted the mission. As part of SARP, Colonel (retired) Marc Ouellet was contracted by DAR to research, consolidate and write the SOR outlining the need for 431 Air Demonstration Squadron and the capabilities of future air demonstration aircraft should the Tutor be replaced. The SOR, which was accepted by the Chief of the Air Staff (CAS) in 2002, has been the cornerstone of the SARP and project staffing to date.

    Kosovo Air Conflict - Lessons learned

    In February 2000, CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. was contracted by the Department of National Defence's Directorate of History and Heritage (DHH) to participate in a joint DHH/Chief of the Air Staff project to evaluate and write an operational history of Canadian air operations conducted over the Former Republic of Yugoslavia in the late winter of 1998 and spring of 1999. With the assistance of Top Aces Inc. which was sub-contracted by CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. to complete this task within the required timelines, operational lessons learned from the Kosovo Air Conflict were submitted to DHH for incorporation into a comprehensive, all-encompassing report to be eventually reviewed by the Canadian Forces and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

    Independent Mission Assurance Review Process - 8 Wing Trenton

    In January 2000, the Commander 8 Wing had a requirement for the services of a bilingual, on-site contractor to perform a survey of operational commanders, organizational support branch heads, aircrew, ground crew, and other specialists to assess the then-aircraft maintenance program at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Trenton. The survey was conducted over a three-month period and a comprehensive written and verbal report - including recommendations for improvements - was provided to the Commander 8 Wing. This task was performed within the required timelines and was under budget.

    Market Analysis / Competitive Intelligence

    CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. has an in-house market analysis/competitive intelligence capability and has supported numerous clients with unique requirements in performing such work, producing reports, and briefing corporate management-level personnel on findings and recommendations.

    Project Proposal Subject Matter Expertise (SME) and Due Diligence Support

    While CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. held - and currently has - a number of yearly retainers with various clients, the firm has the surge capability and expertise to support companies of all sizes to pursue opportunities and respond to Requests for Proposals (RFP). CIRRUS Research Associates Inc's own record in winning competitions it chooses to enter is characterized by a high level of success. For example, one of Cirrus Research Associates Inc.'s clients, Raytheon Canada Support Services (RCSS) in Calgary, was awarded the Project Management, Advisory, and Monitoring Services (PAMS) to the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) contract portion of the Global Partnership Program (GPP), specifically in the field of Nuclear Security and Facility Protection in the Russian Federation (RF). CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. provided competitive intelligence analyses, subject matter experts to develop the client's proposed bid, and sub-contractor candidates, a number of the latter whom eventually became full members of the winning team.

    Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A) Due Diligence

    CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. has expertise in conducting confidential M & A evaluations. Indeed, personnel of the firm have participated in due diligence acquisition and merger projects both domestically and internationally. One such project concerned the potential acquisition of a foreign company by a client of the order $1.2 B.

    Coaching              coaching logo

    Since 1998, CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. has been the exclusive provider for Ontario and Western Canada of the internationally reputed Coaching de gestion 'Leadership through Coaching' course. Through a human resources approach based on motivation rather than control, this 3-day course spaced over six (6) weeks, is focused towards today's busy entrepreneurs, executives and administrators who increasingly face the challenge of initiating and maintaining a high levels of commitment among their staffs. Graduates of the course from numerous government departments and industry attest to the Leadership through Coaching techniques for ease of communication, clearer lines of responsibility, and the value of shared decision making.

    Clients who have sent personnel to attend this course include Alstom, the Banque Nationale, Bombardier Inc., the Department of National Defence, the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Region, Hyperion, and Raytheon Canada.

    ICAO Registration

    Since February 2006, CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. has formally been registered with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as a supplier of aviation services. This registration allows CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. to compete for - or broker competition for - ICAO contracts worldwide.

    5 Wing Goose Bay Opportunities Initiatives

    CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. was sub-contracted by SERCO Facilities Management Incorporated and the Department of National Defence (DND) to promote a wide range of opportunities to foreign militaries and private industry at 5 Wing Goose Bay. Work included leveraging CIRRUS Research Associates Inc.'s network of international military contacts combined with our expertise on air weapons range management to identify, develop and support air and commercial business opportunities for 5 Wing and the Goose Bay commercial sector.

    Global Partnership Program - Program Management, Advisory and Monitoring Services (GPP/PMAMS)

    CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. provided SME research & analysis capabilities and project management advice to Raytheon Systems Canada Limited for the pursuit and capture of this five-year, multi-million dollar contract. Initial services included extensive research of international non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction initiatives and a detailed analysis of major industrial players. Following participation in a feasibility study, CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. assisted in the writing of the winning contract proposal in the Fall of 2005. CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. then assisted the Raytheon program manager with the initial program implementation plan and follow-on program management (PM) functions.

    Contribution to Environment-friendly Solutions

    In 2011, CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. was contracted by Walter Surface Technologies International to increase its sales of the Bio-Circle solution in Canada. The Bio-Circle solution benefits from the power of nature in order to provide user-friendly, eco-friendly and economical parts washing through a natural process called bioremediation. A contact/marketing plan was delivered to the client on time and under budget in March 2012.

    Close Combat Vehicle (CCV) project

    In 2012, CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. provided subject matter expertise to a client in the development of Engineering and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), Configuration Management (CM), and Data Management (DM) plans, and participated in a number of Supportability Steering Committees (SSC's) in support of the client's objectives. All deliverables were submitted on time and within the allocated budget.

    Next-Generation Fighter Capability (NGFC) project

    Beginning in August 2011 and still on-going, CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. was mandated by a public organization to assess potential F-35 basing options in Canada following the introduction of the fighter aircraft in the Canadian Forces. Two (2) reports have been completed and submitted thus far on time and under budget and a third one is expected to be mandated in the Fall of 2012.

    Naval Engineering Subject Matter Expertise

    CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. currently is providing the subject expertise on the following projects:
    • Halifax Class Modernization (Training and In-Service Support);
    • Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship (Acquisition and In-Service Support);
    • Canadian Coast Guard Replacement Vessels (Acquisition and In-Service Support);
    • Joint Supply Ships (Acquisition and In-Service Support); and
    • Combat Ship Definition Contract Support.

    Legal Conflict Resolutions

    CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. has provided and continues to provide to clients aviation subject matter expertise to clients involved in litigations such as intellectual property, contractual conflicts, non-performance issues, and partnership dissolutions.

    Support to Aéroport Exécutif Gatineau-Ottawa

    CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. recently completed a project leading to upgrading the security of the perimeter around the Aéroparc de Gatineau. This project was completed on time and under budget.

    Valid as of 24 September 2013